• Working with the Media
    This course for property managers uses a mock-newscast format with videos followed by interactive activities to reinforce the instruction. Activities include identifying the components of an inverted pyramid, dragging and dropping the sections of a tv news story in the correct order, and choosing the best option from different video scenarios. Built in Articulate Storyline.
  • Delegating to Empower Your Team
    This course uses a comic book format to teach delegation skills for property managers. Students follow the story of John as he learns how to delegate tasks to his property management team. Interactive activities are incorporated throughout and the course culminates in a self-assessment quiz. Made in Articulate Storyline.
  • Conspicuous Families
    Winner of the a bronze medal for custom content in the Brandon Hall Learning Awards, this course helps adoptive parents understand the challenges of raising a child of a different race. The course includes stories from transracial adoptees and parents, exercises for responding to hurtful and insensitive comments, and ways to examine diversity in their personal lives.
  • The Journey of Attachment
    Fostering attachment is a crucial component in parenting, but is more challenging with children adopted after infancy. This course lets prospective adoptive parents experience the kinds of situations they might face with adopted children, using branching to deliver different outcomes depending on their responses. Additional resources and stories from parents and adoption professionals are provided for guidance.

Fun (and Educational)

  • Let’s Talk Turkey Trivia Game
    A fun trivia quiz made in Articulate Storyline. Click the image to play.
  • Is Your Property Ready for Who’s Coming to Town?
    A humorous Christmas-themed Powerpoint presentation about maintenance hazards for property managers.


  • Trouble in Apartment 3-G
    Part one of a series of videos that I wrote for inclusion in a fair housing course, addressing hoarding as a disability.
  • Water, Water, Nowhere
    One of several videos that I wrote for the a course on Managing Residential Properties to illustrate what NOT to do as a property manager.
  • Identity Animation
    I created this animation using Vyond for a course on identity and transracial adoption using audio from an interview I conducted with an Asian adoptee.

Powerpoint Presentations


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